Presentation of the lawfirm

The lawfirm APV ADVOCATS I ECONOMISTES ASSOCIATS, located in the Principality of Andorra, has been formed by the union of several lawfirms, amongst which the lawfirm BUFET PUJOL ADVOCATS, created by the lawyer Joan PUJOL SERRES in 1973.

Composed by a specialized team of lawyers and economists, our lawfrim provides services in different practice areas.

Multilingual (Catalan, Spanish, French and English) and pluridisciplinary,  we are a dynamic lawfirm which provides to its clients, firms or private individuals, services on an Andorran or international scale, in collaboration with its correspondents network in other jurisdictions.

Our renown has been built thanks to its client’s trust, its work rigour, the efficiency of the services provided, and the scrupulous respect of confidentiality and more generally, of the professional code of ethics.

Our lawfirm is part of the lawfirms accredited by the Consular section of the French Embassy in Andorra and is affiliated to the agency of economic promotion of the Principality: Andorra Development and Investment (

Note:The merger between law firms APV Advocats i Economistes Associats and RAMÉNTOL BORRELL ADVOCATS has given birth to the law firm RAMÉNTOL BORRELL ADVOCATS has given birth to the law firm RAMÉNTOL PUJOL. For further information: